How We Serve You

As a program of Anchoring Success, Wellness Central Valley (WCV) supplies evidence- and research-based services to mitigate the negative impact of chronic-stress, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout. WCV provides these targeted services to professionals so that they can continue to invest their talents and passions in community change.

How to Get Started

Where to Start

We look forward to collaborating with you:

1 |  Email Anchoring Success to schedule a conversation where we learn about your interests and needs. Reach us at [email protected] You will hear back from us within 72-hours.

2 |  Together, we will develop a few Wellness options that will advance your team, align with your organizational mission, and fit your budget.

3 |  Once we have a plan for your team. we will confirm the date and we will work with your team to prepare.

Find the funds to afford them

Wellness Services are part of technical assistance and professional development, making them relevant to such funding channels:

1 |  Research shows that the wellness of the staff team directly impacts the success of clients. In this way, consider grants and line items dedicated to technical assistance and professional development. We will provide you with measurable results to report back to funders and your Board of Directors about the ROI.

2 |  Board members who are intersted in sustainable impact will get behind Wellness Services that are science-backed solutions to ensure quality work unfolds within the organization. Share the research link between Wellness and quality assurance.

3 |  Educate funders about the importance of Wellness Services for your staff team who is working on the front lines of community transformation. Such work is deeply tied to chronic stress, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout. Educating funders is a long-term strategy for those funders to invest in nonprofit wellness as a capacity building tactic.

4 |  For enrollment in our small TRE Workshops (see below), nonprofit professionals can apply for a partial scholarship!

Reported benefits include reduced back pain, increased awareness and tracking (beneficial for many job types), reduced feelings of anxiety and hyperarousal, improved sleep and mood, and greater mobility.

What if professionals didn’t have to experience unchecked chronic-stress, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout? 

12-million nonprofit professionals in the U.S.

50% are experiencing, or at risk of, burnout

41% of professionals serving stigmatized groups take a leave of absence for health reasons

Anchoring Success is taking a stand

The Story of this Program

In 2018, we launched Wellness Central Valley in order to serve talented, professionals throughout Stanislaus, Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Kern Counties. Our team has first hand experience of what it takes to carry-out community-based programming in challenging contexts. We’ve poured our hearts out to see transformation in people’s lives and community change. Now, we’re here to support you in your important work.

The Program Advisory Council

Wellness Central Valley provides only evidence- and research-based services to professionals working in challenging contexts. In order to ensure the highest quality services, we maintain a Program Advisory Council who informs the services and delivery of this program. 

Advisory Council Members:

Justin Kamimoto, Executive Director
Common Space Nonprofit Incubator Fresno, California

Joanna Lichtenberg, MSW, Program Manager
Focus Forward Fresno, California

Marc Young, MAFM, CFIP, CRTP, Accountant and Business Owner
Industry Standards Inc. Clovis, CA

Interested in joining the Program Advisory Council? Send us an email at [email protected] to learn more.

Ongoing Support Services

One-on-one Private TRE Session

Purchase and then email Anchoring Success to book a private appointment.

Location: Anywhere in California.


Set of Two TRE Workshops

Purchase a package of two TRE workshop sessions and then email Anchoring Success
to book your spot.

TRE workshops are small groups
that operate for 1.5-hours.

Location: Common Space in Fresno, California


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