We are a Purpose-Driven Firm

Purpose-Driven Firm

We support nonprofit professionals and organizations in advancing their transformative powers. In our anchor story, we shared about the purpose for our work and our origins.

Everyday, we wake up in gratitude for what we get to do in the world with talented, strong professionals working on social equity issues.

And every year, we advance how we give back.

3 Ways We Give Back

Our values are reflected in how we give:
equity || creativity || innovation || fun


1 |  We give free tools and materials to nonprofit professionals through 2 Tips and other curated, free tools for professionals and community-based organizations. Sign-up for the email list community to access tools we don’t share anywhere else. 
We curate and build these with love. 

2 |  We donate cash to local community organizations.
We find at least three annual fundraisers to support, including a Giving Tuesday option. 

3 |  We offer pro bono services to community organizations.
Once-a-year, we partner closely with an organization to embed new tools and practices that empower the organization to use all of its transformative powers in the community. Use the form below to submit a nomination.

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