Nomination Form for Anchoring Success' Purpose-Driven Mission

Nomination Form for Anchoring Success' Purpose-Driven Mission


Use this form to nominate a community-based, nonprofit organization for pro bono services for 2019. The more nominations for an organization increases the possibility of being chosen. The criteria for selecting a winner are listed at the end of this form. The nomination period ends December 15 of every year.

Tell us about the organization

2 | Address of the organization

Criteria for selection

The follow are questions that we ask ourselves before partnering on pro bono projects: 1. Is the top leadership humble and innovative? What evidence for this exists? 2. Does the top leadership and staff team implement best-practices in any way? How so? 3. Is the Board of Directors kind, do they fulfill their duties, and do they listen to the needs of the ED and staff team? 4. What does the organization's website look like and how do they present themselves to the world? Do their values align with Anchoring Success values as presented online? 5. Can the personalities of the ED and staff team along with those of the Anchoring Success team produce joy even in the midst of hard work? What evidence for this exists? Selection will be completed in late December 2018. At that time, the organization and its nominators will be contacted through email.

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