Coaching Services & DIY Kits



We coach nonprofit professionals who are seeking to advance their
impact and/or build in streamlined practices for their projects. In addition
to the empowerment of coaching services, we provide Do It Yourself (DIY) Kits
that are affordable, guided materials to implement best practices
in program evaluation, program design, and organizational strategies.

Empower | Advance | Do It

Coaching & Kits provide specialized materials to walk you through implementation of best-practices.


Our 4 Coaching Promises

1 |  See immediate developments in your hard work

2 |  Your growth is sustainable for the long-term

3 |  Keep all tools and strategies that you receive from coaching sessions

4 |  Coaching contracts are kept private so that your growth is your own business 


Is Coaching right for me?

If you can see yourself in any of these 10 statements,
then join us for coaching:

1 |  I’m leading a big project and I have an inefficiency that I need to figure out.

2 |  I manage multiple projects and I want to integrate strategies that
support all of the projects so my head isn’t spinning.

3 |  When I was hired for one position, it quickly changed into multiple
positions and I need additional tools to help me.

4 |  I manage dozens of people and I want tools and strategies to
meet all of my supervision responsibilities.

5 |  I accepted a new position and I’m unclear on what my strategy plan
should look like in order to accomplish everything.

6 |  Where I’m at right now could be defined as “on my way out,” eager to start
a new, more challenging position elsewhere but I need a strategy to close
this chapter and open a new one.

7 |  While I’m very successful in my role, I want tools and
approaches to save me from ongoing burnout.

8 |  I submitted an embarrassing final report and I need a solution to save
the relationships and turn this into a learning experience.

9 |  While revising program curriculum, I hit a roadblock in finding evidence-based
materials and I really want to refresh my program.

10|  I’m feeling insecure about my program evaluation responsibilities
and I could use a plan to up-my-game.

How Do I Enroll?

There are 3 Enrollment Windows

Coaching Session 1: July 1 to Sept 30
Enrollment: June 15 to July 5


Coaching Session 2: October 1 to December 31
Enrollment: September 25 to October 5


Coaching Session 3: January 1 to March 31
Enrollment: December 15 to January 5


To schedule coaching, email [email protected] with your request.

We are so excited to work with you and we will schedule coaching sessions with you carefully in order to fit your busy life.

Ask about payment plans.

What is The Value That I Receive?

For a series of three coaching sessions: $600
Here’s what you get:

  • Three one-on-one, hour-long sessions in-person or by Skype
  • Two 20-minutes check-in sessions, occurring between coaching sessions
  • Workshop the practical implementation of tools and strategies to help you resolve immediate challenges
  • Tools and strategies tailored to your specific needs
  • Brainstorm sustainability plan


For a series of six coaching sessions: $1100
Here’s what you get:

  • Six one-on-one hour-long sessions in-person or by Skype
  • Two 30-minutes check-in sessions, occurring between coaching sessions
  • Workshopping, practical implementation of tools and strategies to help you resolve immediate challenges
  • Tools and strategies tailored to your specific needs
  • Design sustainability plan

4 DIY Kits!


Program Refresh Kit

Advance your program’s transformative powers. You and your program do important work for our community and society and this Program Refresh Kit supports that work. “Refreshing” the program means that, like a detective, you methodically explore where adjustments can be made in the program for clients’ experiences and staff members’ experiences so that the program can become increasingly effective, strong, and enjoyable. $99.99 until Oct 14, 2018


Volunteer Strategy Kit

Coming Oct 30, 2018


Staff Climate & Support Kit

Coming Oct 15, 2018


Board Refresh Kit

Coming December 15, 2018

SPECIAL: The Program Refresh Kit

$99.99 Beta Version is a Limited Time Offering (On October 15, 2018 the cost changes to $199.99)

Here’s What The Program Refresh Kit Does For You… Check-out more by clicking above!

1 |  You get a streamlined program so that you’re not bogged down with time sucks.

2 |  You make your program the best experience for clients and staff.

3 |  You have funders and partners that need you to show the program processes in a succinct way.

4 |  As a supervisor, you don’t spend time coaching new staff on how to deal with odd, outdated practices that need to be shed from the program.

Are The Kits Right For Me?

If one or more of the following statements are true for you, your staff team, or organization, these Kits are a good bet:

1 |  I know that my program, staff climate, or Board team have areas that need development or attention, but I’m not sure where I should start.

2 |  I have about 40-hours that I will dedicate to implementing the Kit.

3 |  I have discretionary power to revise existing facets of my program, staff climate, or Board team.

4 |  My leadership team is 100% backing my efforts to advance and improve my program, staff climate, or Board team.

5 |  I like solving problems, coming up with new ideas, and ensuring successes for my clients or colleagues.

6 |  I want to implement best-practices that create concrete benefits.

7 |  My budget cannot accommodate $3,000 to $4,000 to hire a specialist, but I have will and I can make the time if someone shows me what to do.

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