Our Anchor Story

Effective organizational design can advance staff teams and the communities they serve. Dr. Vélez is an applied researcher with a specialization in organizational design. With 16-years of experience partnering with nonprofits, universities, schools, and government agencies on strategic planning, evaluation, quality assurance, and design, her work includes leveraging the existing successes of organizations and staff teams to innovate for advancing their transformative power.

She brings grounded experience and insights from almost two decades of designing and improving community-based programming. She also leans on real-life experiences with homelessness, hunger, and system-involvement to bring a grounded perspective which informs organizational design and strategy for advancing staff teams and transforming the communities they serve. Her expertise and life experiences literally inform the questions asked, the temperament taken, and the seriousness we bring to partnering for your success and the success of your organization.

Anchoring Success launched in 2014, responding to the needs of organizations that want to ensure that their organizational health can sustain community change missions. After completing her Ph.D. at Stanford University, Dr. Vélez began equipping educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies with people-centered organizational development strategies to empower data-driven decision making and advance impact.

In 2018, Anchoring Success added wellness services to meet a significant gap among organizations with social change missions: Care for the hardworking professionals themselves. 

This is our anchor story, illustrating the seriousness and care that we bring to partnering with organizations like yours. What’s your anchor story?

We are a Purpose-Driven Firm

Our Values

Collaboration: Advancing organizational impact relies on shared investments, visions, and results.

Rigor: Ensuring quality data, processes, and outputs underlines sustainable organizational impact.

Equity: Internally and externally, creatively meeting needs furthers successes for everyone.

Fun: Enjoying innovations and streamlining practices elevates the fun for teams.

Our Mission

Anchoring your strengths with innovations for greater impact.

Our Philanthropy

We support nonprofit professionals and organizations in advancing their transformative powers. In our anchor story, we shared about the purpose of our work and our origins.

Every day, we wake up in gratitude for what we get to do in the world with talented, strong professionals working on social equity issues.

And every year, we advance how we give back.

1 | Free Assistance.

We give free tools and materials to professionals and organizations through 2 Tips and other curated, free tools for professionals and community-based organizations. Sign-up on the homepage to access tools we don’t share anywhere else.
We curate and build these with love. 

2 |  We donate cash to local community organizations.

We find at least three annual fundraisers to support, including a Giving Tuesday option. 

3 |  We offer pro bono services to community organizations.

Once-a-year, we partner closely with an organization to embed new tools and practices that empower the organization to use all of its transformative powers in the community. 

Use the form below to submit a nomination. Annual deadline is December 15 with announcements on January 10. 

Nonprofit Wellness

Community-based programming is often stressful. It can take a toll on hardworking professionals and cause them to experience high levels of stress and vicarious trauma. That’s why Anchoring Success develops books, DIY Kits, and Workshops & Talks on nonprofit wellness alongside other topics pertaining to organizational development and capacity-building.

Anchoring Success’ nonprofit wellness work is supported and informed by an Advisory Board to ensure that all wellness services designed for professionals working in community-based programming are high quality, grounded in the reality of nonprofit work.


Advisory Board Members:


Justin Kamimoto, Executive Director
Common Space Nonprofit Incubator Fresno, California

Joanna Lichtenberg, MSW, Program Manager
Focus Forward Fresno, California

Marc Young, MAFM, CFIP, CRTP, Accountant and Business Owner
Industry Standards Inc. Clovis, CA

Katie Kellett, MA

Interested in joining the Program Advisory Council? Send us an email at [email protected] to learn more.


Next Steps

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