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2 Tips

Every month, we bring strong, crafty nonprofit professionals fun, free tips and materials! Here are a few featured 2 Tips, you’ll find more below.

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Dr. Morghan Vélez Young-Alfaro, Ph.D.


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organizational assessment & Strategy BLOGS & Video Trainings

These 2 Tips are practical, bite-size steps to support you in the implementation of your transformative powers at the operational level.

Welcome Outlier Data

Welcome Outlier Data

What is Outlier Data Outlier data in your program data refer to a few pieces of information that are noticeably different from the majority of the information. Example Let’s say that you have 300 program participants and 50 of them completed a feedback...

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These 2 Tips are practical, bite-size steps to support you and your organization’s advancement with all things evaluation- and program-related.

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