Unconscious Bias in Programs and Operations


This Curriculum is designed for professionals in Human Services and Education organizations who want to elevate their understanding and skills around Unconscious Bias and Equity as well as elevate their organizations. The Curriculum is an introduction to Unconscious Bias and Equity, but warning, the work in this course requires full attention and occasionally you may need to squint your forehead.

If this Curriculum is being engaged by a team of staff, make sure that the training room where you park yourselves has enough room to spread-out and get some privacy. This will be an obvious preference when you start Lesson 2. If the course is engaged individually, choose a location that is somewhat quiet.

We also recommend that the Curriculum is completed across three periods of 45 to 60-minutes rather than sitting for 3 to 4-hours. This is recommended due to research on attention span and the process of “uploading” new information.

Who is this Curriculum right for?

This Curriculum supports individuals and organizations in understanding Unconscious Bias, identifying it inside the organization, and cultivating Equity for the benefit of the clients, employee climate, and organizational mission.

This Curriculum is compatible with trainings on cultural competency and diversity, but importantly focuses on macro and micro layers of Bias that sometimes get overlooked in other sorts of trainings. Anchoring Success promotes head-on exploration and resolution of Bias among individuals and the internal culture of the organization. 

This Curriculum is about getting professionals the knowledge and skills needed to advance the organizational mission as well as one’s own effectiveness. Unconscious Bias, left unaddressed, prevents professionals from making a true and long-term impact in their career path.



Your choice of the Curriculum packet with or without the Course coaching-videos is based on what is right for your learning style. This means that you will “Do It Yourself” (DIY) with just the curriculum packet or you will get support through the coaching-videos (i.e. the Curriculum packet and coaching-videos are what we refer to as the Course). We know that there are many talented teams that can transform Storytelling without the full Course. Go for it!

How this course is organized


Lesson 1 is the first step in exploring Unconscious Bias and Equity. Leaners gain clarity around terms, common myths, and aligning organizational values and personal values with Equity.


Lesson 2 brings Learners into considering the ways that, within each society, human value is attached to traits (e.g. sex, skin tone, age, physical ability, etc.). Importantly, societies prescribe different amounts of value to traits.

In Lesson 2, Learners will engage in exercises to see how their own traits “add-up” in this society in terms of how they, their colleagues, and clients are valued (higher or lesser).

Upon finishing Lesson 2, you will have a robust understanding of how to cultivate Equity even with the overwhelming presence of Unconscious Bias.


Lesson 3 launches Learners into exploring and tweaking policies and practices. Embed Equity in the basic operational components of your organization including interviewing, annual reviews, and training offerings.

As for programs and services in your organization, the entire team of professionals must allot space to openly acknowledge that Unconscious Bias exists within the programs. It is a matter of adjusting program design and delivery rather than avoiding the awkwardness that sometimes comes with admitting that we are all vulnerable to Unconscious Bias.

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