Storytelling: Origins, Opportunities, and Assessment


This Curriculum is designed for professionals and clients in Human Services and Education organizations who want to elevate their understanding and skills around Storytelling. TheCurriculum is an introduction to Storytelling and helps the Learner to explore the purposes of storytelling by our ancestors and to write a short story for use at organizational events, social media, and other materials.


Who is this Curriculum right for?

This Curriculum supports organizations in rich Storytelling, participating in the long time human practice of using stories to education, pass-on messages, and entertain.

This Curriculum is compatible with organizations who do and do not have strategic branding plans. For the lean, sophisticated organizations, this curriculum is a timeless part of your ongoing work.

Today, the phrase “an origin story” often refers to branding or, more broadly, the public image of the organization’s mission and work. This curriculum is NOT branding.

This Curriculum is about Storytelling; that is, sharing stories. Organizations have many stories to share: the origin of their organization, the success of program participants, the passions of their staff team, and celebrations of partnerships and community impact. While all of your organization’s stories will share the themes of your organization’s mission, the many stories that you can share will be written in the unique voices of the Storytellers.



Your choice of the Curriculum packet with or without the Course coaching-videos is based on what is right for your learning style. This means that you will “Do It Yourself” (DIY) with just the curriculum packet or you will get support through the coaching-videos (i.e. the Curriculum packet and coaching-videos are what we refer to as the Course). We know that there are many talented teams that can transform Storytelling without the full Course. Go for it!



The “bite-size” approach to designing this curriculum makes studying and refining Storytelling fun for the users. Anchoring Success was founded on honoring the challenging tasks that direct service staff, program participants, and organizational leaders engage in. Why can’t you have fun while you undertake serious and important work?


How this course is organized

This curriculum has three lessons.

By the end of Lesson 1, you will:

  1. Learn the origins of storytelling from our ancestors.
  2. Draft a story that is educational and entertaining.

By the end of Lesson 2, you will:

  1. Decide on which of the three areas for sharing your story(ies) is best for your organization.
  2. Draft a one-year action plan based on the one area you chose for sharing your story(ies).

By the end of Lesson 3, you will:

  1. Align the one-year action plan and a mini-assessment plan for determining how well the storytelling is going.
  2. Draft a mini-assessment plan with specific data collection strategies and practical measurements.
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