partnering with nonprofit professionals

Big Projects

Ensure success for new or existing operational structures and programs. Is your organizaiton accomplishing what it intends to and dreams of?

We understand that your organization and programs are important for the ways that they help to resolve serious social issues. With these big projects, you get highly skilled support to keep on advancing:

  • Organizational Assessment Studies
  • Program Evaluation Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Participatory action research studies
  • Sector analysis studies

These projects typically run $15,00-$100,000.



Small Projects

Empower your lean teams and clients with refined programs and administrative practices.

Would your organization benefit from a simple refresh with the support of highly skilled specialists to accomplish the following?

  • Embed program evaluation practices into existing programs (for the sake of meaningful measurement!)
  • Design new programs
  • Refresh existing programs with best-practices
  • Grant strategizing
  • Board training retreats
  • Staff training retreats

These projects typically run $600-$10,000.

{Secret} Coaching

Shhhh… we’ll help you to get to where you want to be. Dr. Alfaro only partners with junior and mid-career professionals working in community-based organizations. This is not executive coaching. That is, there are many career, organizational, and sector-specific dynamics that nonprofit professionals figure out along the way, BUT {Secret} Coaching supports you in moving past the learning curve faster and more joyfully.

  • It’s nobody’s business if you’re wanting to advance through direct, practical coaching.
  • This option is for grinders only.

$399 to $699
[Coming June 15, 2018]




Empower your lean teams and yourself with these guided kits. 

I need to get some things accomplished on a low budget!

  • Kits provide special materials to walk you through implementation of best-practices with program evaluation.
  • Kits come with audio guides for each step so that you’re not alone as you accomplish each practice.

[Coming June 15, 2018]

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Recent Collaborations

Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies (program evaluation practices)

Community Science Workshop Network (Board Development and Strategic Planning)

Focus Forward (program assessment, program refresh, database development)

Building Neighborhood Capacity Program (initiative assessment with participatory action research)

First 5 Fresno County (operational assessment)

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (sector assessment and program design)

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