We are a dynamic and fun team with specializations calibrated for organizations in the Human Services and Education Sectors.

Morghan Vélez Young-Alfaro, Ph.D.

Principal Researcher

Dr. Morghan Vélez Young-Alfaro is a researcher with 15 years of quantitative and qualitative applications inside research and program contexts. Also, years of direct service work informs Dr. Alfaro’s understanding of protocols and practices from a ground-up perspective. In particular, her professional work with large institutions positions Dr. Alfaro to perceive the composition and practices of organizations through a lens of multiple and intersecting priorities. Her skill-set affords her an understanding on how to leverage creative practices for design, evaluation, strategy-building, and training.

Kizzy Jones-Lopez, Ed.D.

Research Collaborator

Dr. Kizzy Jones-Lopez specializes in research, policy, and programming in the areas of higher education and foster youth. She specifically maintains an active agenda examining the needs of foster youth in higher education, participates in local and statewide groups, provides youth with access to college, and utilizes innovative approaches to increase retention.

Jasmine Leiva

Research Collaborator

Ms. Jasmine Leiva holds two specializations, that of developing youth focused programming and community organizing strategies. With over 10-years of experience in these areas, Ms. Leiva strengthens research and assessment projects with careful design attention to the intersections of age, sex, gender, language, and class.

Don Simmons, Ph.D.

Training and Coaching Collaborator

Dr. Don Simmons has more than 20-years of collaborating with nonprofits/CBOs, faith-based organizations, higher education, and government offices. He prioritizes creativity, leadership, and sustainability in his coaching with small and large groups. Ultimately, Dr. Simmons offers leaders a unique perspective for engaging strategic planning and decision making.

Anchoring Success ensures that each organization gets exactly the team that they need for the project. We coordinate the talent for specific project needs including Researchers, Facilitators, and Coaches. This supports the success of clients by bringing in a cohesive and value-driven team.

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