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1. Do the Curriculum packets and the Course coaching-videos get purchased together?

Yes. The Curriculum packet is the comprehensive material needed to advance your skills and knowledge on the topic. You automatically receive access to the Course coaching-videos with 10+ interactive sessions to support your success in completing the Curriculum.


2. When can I start the Curriculum? 

Shortly after you purchase the Curriculum packet, you receive an emailed pdf of the Curriculum. You also receive an online link to the Course coaching-videos.


3. I want to use this Curriculum with program participants at my organization. Is that recommended?

Yes. Any individual, for their independent purposes or as part of an organization/program, will gain from the Curriculum. The Curriculum was designed with attention to program participants as possible Learners.

However, it is not recommended to provide only the Curriculum packet to program participants. The Curriculum is designed for diverse learning styles including persons new to the topic via the coaching-videos. The “DIY” aspect of the Curriculum packet could be unfulfilling for some people since some people learn best with interactive videos like the ones that we provide.


4. What’s the difference between the Curriculum packet and the Course coaching-videos?

The Curriculum packet is a stand-alone tool that includes several worksheet activities, taking Learners through the new ideas and engaging in practical and meaningful exercises. The coaching-videos include 10+ interactive videos that walk you through each section of the Curriculum packet and worksheet exercises.

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