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Professionals in Human Services and Education organizations who want quality, but short learning opportunities. Courses are designed with staff members, Board members, and program consumers in mind.


Courses and Curriculums that are practical and meaningful. Course topics are central features of working in Human Services and Education organizations.


Engage the Course coaching videos, exercises, and resources. Allow 3 to 4-hours per course, but work at your pace for up to 2-weeks. Or go the DIY route and work through the Curriculum packet without the Course.

Storytelling: Origins, Opportunities, and Assessment

Learn how to develop a story, identify opportunities to share the story, and assess the impact of the story.

Designed for stories about program consumers, staff teams, and organization origins. Use the stories in community storytelling circles, annual reports, fundraising events, and so on.

Unconscious Bias in Program and Operations

Explore the fundamentals of Unconscious Bias, identify opportunities to champion Equity, and develop strategies for assessing Equity in your organization and career.

Designed for professionals in Human Services and Education organizations, serving program consumers.

Spanish release: June 2017

Change Management: Brining Everyone and Every Program Through the Change

Explore how Change Management works, develop strategies to support your program(s) and organization, identify opportunities to embed program and operational assessments.

Designed for professionals whose programs and organizations are undergoing transitions in terms of growing consumer counts, location duplication, funding increases, and adding/subtracting members of the staff.

English release: June 2017

Spanish release: June 2017

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