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No Such Thing as a “Tech Person”

Intro You already have mastery over some of the rules that govern technological tools. There is no separate specie called a "Tech Person" with special tech powers. But what's the deal with some people appearing to be better with using tech tools? Check out...

Better Feedback Surveys

Introduction For organizations that coordinate or host events – internally as staff trainings or for community stakeholders – Feedback Surveys are the last thing often thought about.   Here are the best things about awesome Feedback Surveys The opportunity...

5 Things to do with Staff Climate Data

Introduction Organizations big and small benefit from understanding the staff team’s experiences with the workplace climate, including: Amount of interpersonal and physical safety for staff Degree of trust among peers and supervisors Ways conflict resolution happens...

How to use text messaging to collect program evaluation data

Introduction Follow-up surveys and interviews with program clients is challenging for a lot of reasons. Yet, follow-up data is vital to understanding the effectiveness and long-term impact of the program. Some programs need this data to inform the design of the...

Update Your Approach to Writing Program Evaluation Reports

Introduction For junior as well as seasoned professionals who write Program Evaluation Reports, we recommend these two tips for keeping your work exciting for you and the audiences (whoever they may be). Tip 1: Review Program Evaluation Reports...
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