Practical Approaches

We Partner with Organizations in 3 Ways
on Consulting Projects

For a quote on Program Evaluation, Program “Refresh,” or Data Analysis for a specific program, click here.


Organizational Assessment and Evaluation


Assessing new or existing programs and operational structures is important for the effectiveness of your organization and your staff team. You get highly skilled support in these four types of projects:

Organizational Assessment
Program Evaluation
Strategic Planning
Board Develoment


Regional Research


For regional and statewide organizations as well as community initiatves, research is important for developing a robust understanding of topic-specific issues and strategies. You get practicing researchers with experience in both the participatory action and academic traditions.

If you’re curious about the types of Reports, Grant Proposals, and Infographics that we develop for client organizations, contact us.

“Refreshes,” Designs, and Documents


We help your organization with important smaller projects including “refreshing” current organizational structures and program operations. That is, we explore your strengths and then collaborate with you to address effectiveness leaks. With designing curriculums and documents, we focus on taking your existing materials and aligning them with research and best practices. These refreshes and design and document adjustments ensure that your organization gets tailored support for ongoing successes.

Recent Collaborations

Community Science Workshop Network (Board Development and Strategic Planning)

Focus Forward (program assessment, program refresh, database development)

Building Neighborhood Capacity Program (initiative assessment with participatory action research)

First 5 Fresno County (operational assessment)

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (sector assessment and program design)

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