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We Collaborate with Organizations in 4 Ways

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For a quote on Program Evaluation, Program “Refresh,” or Data Analysis for a specific program, click here.



Program and Operational Evaluation


Assess new or existing programs and operations. For programs, this includes producing analytical results on the impact of your program (on consumers’ lives) and the impact of your operations (on the staff team). Beyond the contract with Anchoring Success, we leave behind practical strategies for continuing on with program or operational assessment in-house; sustainability is our priority so that your organization can continue to engage assessment in-house.


Program and Operational “Refresh”


Account for the strengths and challenges in your existing programs or operations for a targeted “refresh.” We simply refine your current structures such as adding tools, training, or change management coaching, along with streamlining practices and installing case management databases.

If you’re curious about the types of Reports, Grant Proposals, and Infographics that we develop for client organizations, contact us.


Design Curriculum and Documents


Design curriculum and documents that pertain to assessment, research, and change management. For curriculum design services, we focus on taking lessons and materials from your current programming and services, turning them into comprehensive curricula for your ongoing uses. Also, documents that are heavy in data and design are central to our collaborations with organizations including grant proposals and data reporting summaries.



Train in four areas. 1.) Program evaluation for embedded, sustainable practices. 2.) Operational assessment for refining operational structure and strategy. 3.) Data analysis and infrastructure for embedded, sustainable practices. 4.) Social biases and how they show-up in direct service work. We work with large and small groups as well as coach small teams.

Recent Collaborations

Kepler Neighborhood School (strategic grant writing)

Focus Forward (program assessment, program refresh, database development)

Building Neighborhood Capacity Program (initiative assessment with participatory action research)

First 5 Fresno County (operational assessment)

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (sector assessment and program design)

Thank you to our earliest clients!

Anchoring Success’ recent growth is based on our earliest partnerships with clients like you. For 2017, we are offering you a $100 discount on any training package in one of our four specializations: Program Assessment, Operational Assessment, Data Analysis and Infrastructure, and Impact of Social Bias in Direct Services.

Training group sizes should be 15-people or fewer, scheduled 6-weeks out, and everyone should be ready for a fun, practical, workshop-style training. You’re eligible for this offer is we partnered with you in June 2014 to June 2016.

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